Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No news is good news...I guess...

I apologize for not updating in a while.  There really hasn’t been a lot of change at this point.

I had the first Immune Globulin infusion on Friday, May 11th.  It took 6 hours.  I felt really good the Saturday, Sunday & Monday following the infusion.  Unfortunately, I think I over-did it those 3 days, because I crashed & burned & ended up down sick.  I’ve been up & down ever since then.  Really frustrating…for me & I’m sure for my coworkers.  I hate letting them down & causing them problems by my constant absences.

I have the 2nd Immune Globulin infusion on Friday, June 8th.  I have learned my lesson & plan to take it easy right after the infusion & pray that I have better results this time.  Please join me in that prayer.  I hope to feel better so I can be a better daughter, wife, mother & coworker.  Knowing God is still in control is the only thing that gives me peace in the middle of the storm.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hurry up and wait...

I was blessed to see Dr. Cole, my doctor here in Tulsa, today.  He is a wonderful doctor & I am beyond thankful that God has placed him in my life.   I knew he would be able to “dumb down” my results from Houston & he did not disappoint.  I feel like I have a much better handle on the situation now. 

Dr. Cole said that he agreed with Dr. Shah that we did not need to do treatment at this point.  He said that as I don’t have the bad symptoms that I mentioned in my last post, we shouldn’t do treatments.  I shared with him how that seemed almost like waiting until I had 3rd degree sunburn to put on sun block.  He laughed and said that they would be monitoring me closely by doing blood work every 6-8 weeks and he assured me that we wouldn’t let it get that bad.  He said that treatments would actually be like putting on sun block before going outside, but that the sun block had acid in it.  They are that debilitating.  He did not want to put me through that unless it was absolutely necessary.  I can fully appreciate that! 

We then talked about how I keep getting sick & how it is causing me problems at work.  He has scheduled me for an intravenous Immunoglobulin G (IgG) infusion a week from today.  It will take 6 hours to do.  I’m planning on taking stitching & my Kindle to entertain myself.  Hopefully I get lots of good stitching in.  If it’s not possible because of the IV, I’ll for sure get lots of good reading in.  I’m OK with either.  We will then do another IgG infusion 4 weeks after the 1st one. Dr. Cole will order blood work to see how I am doing and if we need to do more.  I am praying that the infusions do what Dr. Cole thinks they will & that I’ll feel better soon.  I’m sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. 

So, we are in a hurry up & wait mode to see how I am doing before any treatments are done.  Hmmmm….. I’ve never been the most patient person there ever was.  Think God is trying to teach me something?  I’m thinking the answer is yes and I better pay attention & see what that is…patience? else?  Guess I’d better buckle up & hang on for the ride.  Knowing that God is behind the wheel makes that a WHOLE lot easier.